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Phylogenetic motifs (PMs) predict protein functional site predictions from sequence alignments. Their predictive power has been demonstrated in many investigations, especially as applied to ligand-binding and active site regions.
The software miniMINER is a streamlined and self-contained tool for PM identification.
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You can access the redistributable file list in sourceforge file list or use the following direct links: The latest versions of source files are available via sourceforge subversion and can be browsed in its repository browser.
  A common miniMINER example
The most common use of miniMINER is to calculate phylogenetic similarity scores (PSZ) that quantify phylogenetic similarity; more negative scores indicate greater similarity. miniMINER outputs a PSZ score for each window of an input alignment using the following syntax:

java -jar miniminer-1.2.0.jar -m [options] inputfile

The options are described fully within the user’s manual. Note that webMINER, which includes several data visualization options, can be accessed at:
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